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Preventative Maintenance – Stay out of trouble

Preventative maintenance is the best method for keeping your heavy machinery in top condition and minimize costly repairs and machinery downtime. Our expert heavy equipment mechanics know your machine inside out and can even replace parts nearing the end of their life before they break, ensuring smooth operation of your fleet and eliminating unexpected mechanical repair costs.

Checklist one two

We provide comprehensive heavy equipment operator and manager training in preventative maintenance, tailored to your construction machine fleet; this includes smartphone compatible online tracking maintenance checklists for each of your machines and operators, and programs for frequent and recurring maintenance tasks.

We have the GPS Technology

Our GPS tracking systems (or manual hour entry on our online checklist) keep a real time check on hours of operation as well as location of your fleet. This allows us to notify you of upcoming maintenance tasks and schedule our expert heavy equipment mechanics to come to you and do what is required to keep your heavy machinery diesel engines, drive trains, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, tracks and tires, controls systems and much more running day in day out.

Resale Statistic Tools

A proper preventative maintenance program not only keeps your machines running smoothly, but also maximizes your machine resale potential. Our warranty-endorsed maintenance programs and heavy equipment repairs combined with GPS tracking and mechanical records allows us to maximize the value of your machine for resale. With access to a vast database of machine resale statistics we can even recommend the best time to trade in your old machines to maximize value for your company, and keep you focused on your core business operations.

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