TekamoHD Careers

Heavy Duty Equipment

If you have a natural affinity for heavy equipment or extensive experience maintaining and servicing the same consider a career at TekamoHD Heavy Equipment Services. TekamoHD was founded on the notion that heavy equipment services is an underperforming industry bursting with opportunities for the right people. The key is to connect talented individuals like yourself with the companies that need your abilities. That’s our job.

If you would like to set a course for a more rewarding future TekamoHD should be on your radar. We’re seeking skilled, dependable, driven individuals who seek out challenges instead of shrinking from them. Individuals with an abiding appreciation and enthusiasm for heavy equipment and the crucial role it plays in the contemporary world.

We offer outstanding compensation packages and opportunities for professional development and advancement you simply won’t get elsewhere. It’s the ultimate win-win situation and it’s waiting for you here, today, at TekamoHD. Contact us today to find out more. Or submit your resume and put us to work, working for you.

Heavy Duty Equipment Yard Maintenance Professional