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Why Choose Us?

Because we were just like you- spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on maintenance and struggling to keep up with regular items like filter and oil changes.

Tekamo was designed to save you money with technologies like telematics (GPS) and geofencing, and services like on-site emergency heavy equipment repair, and rental replacements.

Telematics systems help us automate your preventative maintenance by monitoring engine diagnostics and regular wear and tear such as oil levels and tire pressure. It’ll automatically schedule maintenance based on projected repair and upkeep needs.

Small repairs like that are commonly neglected, leading to larger repair costs down the road. But at Tekamo, we’re always on top of your regular and preventative maintenance needs.

Want to reduce costs even further?


Most of our technicians come from dealership service shops. They left to become independent service technicians after frustrations with their dealerships- the additional and unexpected costs passed onto customers, the lack of communication, the excessive downtime and long appointment wait times. They knew there was a better way. We’re just giving them the platform to pursue it. All of our networked technicians are red-seal certified, meaning you’re able to keep and use your warranty when choosing to work with us.

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We’re Mobile

Our fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles are specifically designed to handle all of your mechanical repairs on-site. We’ve even added cranes to help with the biggest projects.

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You break it we fix it

Our Protection Plans

For the ultimate peace of mind, cost predictability and resale maximization, our heavy equipment repair and maintenance protection plans take care of preventative and prescribed maintenance, one off machine breakdown repairs and rental replacements to guarantee you minimum downtime, and eliminate cost blowouts for expensive heavy equipment repairs. Our protection plans eliminate man hours lost to heavy equipment repairs, including manager time spent arranging for repairs with non-responsive service departments causing unnecessary downtime for machines.

No Surprises

Predictable monthly costs, minimal machine downtime, no admin costs or supervisor hours lost, transparent fee structure, great service. No need to trust us based on our advertising jargon – we guarantee it!

We’re in it together

We structure our business model so that we benefit as much as you by getting jobs done properly and quickly. We’re in it together!

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