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Yes, not only are TekamoHD Technicians Red Seal Certified, but in general, servicing your equipment somewhere else other than the dealership will not void your warranty. Always ensure that regular maintenance is being conducted in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.

TekamoHD Equipment Services is committed to providing you with the most time and cost-effective heavy equipment repair & maintenance experience in BC. Our business model is unique in that our success is directly tied to your success, which ensures that we work efficiently to provide you with timely heavy equipment repair and maintenance services. We are not affiliated with any machinery sales outlets, so our focus is on our core business of maintaining and repairing your machines, rather than seeing it as an afterthought

We work with all manner of diesel-based heavy equipment. Our service includes (but is not limited to) work on excavators, skid steers, mini excavators, track loaders, articulated loaders, front end loaders/backhoes, tele handlers, generators, Hiab cranes, dumpers and track dumpers. Call us and ask if you need more info on what we service.

Firstly, you decide which machines you want covered under a maintenance contract. For each machine covered under a maintenance contract, we assess the machine based on age, hours, condition and machine type, and calculate a regular maintenance fee per machine, per hour. The fee covers all regular maintenance including parts and labour, and also covers site travel time for any breakdown repairs required for the month. We also provide and track preventative maintenance checklists to minimize unnecessary emergency heavy equipment repair calls!

Protection Plans are our all inclusive heavy equipment repair, maintenance and tracking packages for all or part of your equipment fleet. A fee is charged per machine-hour specific to the machine covered, charged in one easy monthly payment. From here on it’s smooth sailing. The protection plans include all regular maintenance as well as free transport and labour for incidental breakdown repairs (some exclusions apply). So in the case of a breakdown, all you pay for are the replacement parts and we take care of the rest! Protection Plans also include our up-time guarantee, preventative maintenance tracking tools and 50% discount on GPS tracking systems for your machinery fleet.

Yes we can! If you sign up for one of our maintenance or protection packages, we provide the tools for tracking your preventative maintenance and machinery upkeep in the form of an online checklist. Checklists are tailored to each machine covered under your contract and can be personalized to operators to track and manage who is doing what tasks. The data that is inputed to checklists is saved and used by our heavy equipment mechanics during servicing and repairs, as a record of previous work done and likely upcoming part replacements and servicing requirements.

Certainly! Our Rental Replacement program ensures that you, as our client experience minimum downtime. If your machine is broken, we not only drive out a replacement to your job site ASAP, but we offer you a discount on the interim machine. We then start work on your machine and keep you updated on every heavy equipment repair that we encounter.

Depending on the level of service you have engaged us for, we either charge hourly for labour and travel for standard repairs, or monthly for machines covered under our maintenance contracts or protection plans. Monthly fees are calculated on a per machine hour basis for covered machines.

We stand by what we do. For customers covered under one of our maintenance contracts or protection plans, we offer the option of our unique uptime guarantee which guarantees a minimum downtime for all covered machines. If heavy equipment repairs are not complete within the guarantee period, we provide a rental replacement to meet our uptime commitment. If you’re not back up and running within the guarantee time, the first day of rental replacement is on us!

We are not a re-seller of equipment; our focus remains on keeping your machines in top condition. However, we can provide you with the tools you need to determine the most efficient time in a machine’s life to sell and upgrade (based on standard heavy equipment repair and maintenance cost profiles). Should you wish to buy heavy equipment, we can direct you to the right place.

Certainly! Our rental partners have a staff of fully trained & certified heavy equipment mechanics and operators ready to get to work on rental or customer owned machines. See our rental site for more information about hiring our operators.

Our rental partners have a range of attachments for excavators, mini excavators, skid steers and compact track loaders. Contact us and we can help set you up with the gear you need, or see our rental site for more information.