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GPS Tracking – Stay Ahead of Repairs & On Top of Preventative Maintenance

GPS tracking, or sometimes called telematics, isn’t just a smart measure against machine theft, but one of the best ways to reduce machine repair costs and downtime.

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How It Works

After a simple installation- generally below the dashboard (in the OBD-ii port)- the GPS device monitors the machine’s engine for fluctuations and decreases in efficiency. Essentially, it’ll continually monitor the machine’s diagnostics.

With this continuous monitoring, you’re able to see trends as well as live readings of your heavy equipment’s oil levels, battery life, hours of service, and even tire pressure. The GPS device uses the data to calculate the likelihood of issues such as mechanical failures and alerts you to this ahead of time.

Even better, you’ll save time and money on administrative duties, thanks to better optimization and alerts across your entire fleet. You’ll be able to see where all of your machines are at any given time, schedule regular maintenance, and even avoid major issues with preventative maintenance.


Most telematics systems include geofencing, which allows you to set a virtual perimeter around a location.

Construction companies use geofencing as a means of preventing theft of their heavy equipment. Others use it to monitor job sites, since a geofence will alert you when machinery enters and exits the perimeter. Some may even use it for more accurate job site billing, since it can monitor the time you spend on site combined with engine run and idle times.

No matter how you use a geofence, it’ll save you time and money, and grant you greater visibility over your entire fleet.

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What our GPS trackers monitor?

Benefits of GPS telematics for fleet maintenance:

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