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Machine down and don’t want to spend loads of downtime waiting for it to get out of the dealership service shop?

We get it. Just less than a decade ago, we were spending over $100,000 repairing our heavy equipment at the dealership, and wasting so much more thanks to overwhelming downtime. So we started hiring our own service technicians to maintain our equipment at a much lower cost, while still maintaining warranties.

After developing our technician network across the country, we realized that there was still a gap in service. There was still downtime between a broken machine and a finished repair.

Aiming to solve that problem, we partnered with heavy equipment rental providers across brands like Bobcat, John Deere, CAT, Komatsu, and Hitachi, along with our own service technicians to keep us in business.

When you schedule one of our red-seal certified service technicians to repair your heavy equipment, we’ll offer a replacement machine rental to keep your team moving.

Available rental replacements include:

Call our dispatch line for heavy equipment rentals